Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto


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Seggiano pesto is made from an original Ligurian basil. Unpasteurised, this raw pesto maintains the pungent intensity of fresh basil.

For pasta dishes, first drain any excess olive oil and toss the fresh basil pesto, unheated, into piping hot pasta. Add finely grated parmesan cheese. This pesto is also delicious in sandwiches and can be used as a salsa verde. The inspired producers, who have their own Ligurian basil fields rather than buying from others, have perfected a process using steam treatment of the soil before seeding the basil. This eliminates the need for herbicides or pesticides. Their studied production method results in a pesto which is raw and unpasteurised, thus conserving the subtly delicious and refreshing basil aroma and flavour.


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