Mata Tomato Frito


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Tomate frito is a flavorful fried tomato sauce that is a staple in the Spanish kitchen. If you are interested in preparing Spanish cuisine at home, tomate frito is a necessity for your pantry as well. As with much of Spanish cuisine, tomate frito is honest and simple yet full of flavor. Fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and garlic from Navarra are slowly simmered in olive oil until each flavor is intensified. The care taken to only use fresh vegetables locally grown makes all of the difference when you are searching for a sauce that is full of flavor. Tomate frito is probably the most common tomato ingredient in Spain aside from fresh tomatoes themselves. It adds depth of flavor to a multitude of dishes. Use it for paella to add a great base of flavor, add it to pasta, or serve it spread on crusty bread for a delicious snack.


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