8.15  – 11.00  Monday to Saturday (Sunday 9.00  – 11.30)

Homemade scones and teacakes all priced individually

Full English £11.95
Pork Our Butchers’ pork sausages, black bacon and black pudding.
Grilled tomato, chestnut mushroom, hash brown, choice of organic egg and toast

Children’s portion £7.95

Garden Breakfast £9.95
Organic poached eggs, greens, avocado, fresh tomato, sourdough toast
Cley smoked salmon £2.00

Cley Smokehouse Kippers (GF) £10.95
Kipper, organic scrambled egg and granary bread

Pork Sausage or Black Bacon Sandwich (B) £6.95
Organic egg £1.50

Avocado and Egg on Sourdough (V+B) £7.95
Smashed avocado, chilli and lemon, organic poached  egg on sourdough toast

Eggs Benedict (B) £8.95
Black bacon, organic poached  egg, toasted muffin, hollandaise

Eggs Arlington (B)  £8.95
Cley smoked salmon, organic poached  egg, toasted muffin, hollandaise

Eggs Florentine (V+B) £7.95
Spinach, organic poached  egg, toasted muffin, hollandaise

Egg on Toast (V+B) £4.95
Organic poached, fried or scrambled organic eggs

Granola (V) £3.95
Yoghurt and berry compote

Toast £2.95

Choice of bread
Sourdough /  Granary / White/Rye / Gluten-free

Breakfast Extras £1.50/£2.00
Organic Egg, Sausage, Black Pudding, Hash Brown, Tomato, Mushroom, Black Bacon £1.50          Smoked Salmon £2.00

Served 8.15 – 3.00 and 9.00 – 11.30 Sunday

11.30  – 3.00  Monday to Saturday (Sunday 12.00  – 3.00)


Reuben £8.95
Smoked cured brisket, sauerkraut, and Comté cheese, dark rye bread

Welsh Rarebit (V) £8.95
Montgomery cheddar, leek, spring onion, wholegrain mustard, sourdough bread

Crayfish £7.95
Crayfish, Rocket, lemon mayonnaise

Smoked Ham £6.95
Our Butchers’ smoked ham and Dijon mayonnaise

Lincolnshire Poacher £6.95
Lincolnshire Poacher cheese Cucumber, juniper and gin pickle

All sandwiches served with slaw and dressed leaf

Bread and Soup £5.95

Shakshuka (GF) £7.95
Baked organic egg, peppers, chick peas, tomatoes, parmesan

Smoked rare-breed pork meat balls £1.95

Courgette and Halloumi Fritter £7.95
Bulgar wheat, tomato and coriander salad

Thai Fishcake £8.95
Vierge salsa and sourdough crouton salad

Butcher’s Selection Paul and Shaun’s selected cut Please ask

Beer Battered Fish and Chips £12.95

Burger of the Day £12.95
8oz burger, sesame seed bun, gem luttuce, tomato and pickle, triple cooked chips, slaw
Bacon £1.50 / Cheese £1.50

Charred Green Salad (GF+DF) £11.95
Tender stem broccoli, green bean and sugar snap peas, diced red onion, chilli toasted
mixed seeds, poached hens egg and truffle dressing
Grilled chicken strips £4.95
Marinated tofu £3.95

Crab Linguine with Chilli and Parsley £13.95

Butternut Squash, Sage and Garlic Risotto (GF) £11.95

Choose charcuterie, savouries, cheese and salads from the delicatessen (VAT added)

Sweet potato fries £3.95
Triple cooked chips £2.95
Delicatessen salad £2.95
Mixed leaf salad £2.95
BTTG slaw £2.95
Greens £2.95

£4 off lunch menu for a smaller portion



Crumble £5.95
Ice-Cream or Cream

Stem Ginger Panna Cotta £5.95
Poached rhubarb and its puree, poppy seed shortbread crumb

Dark Chocolate Truffle Terrine £5.95
Spiced crème fraiche, Pernod marinated figs

Selection of Ice-Cream and Sorbets
1 scoop £1.95
2 scoops £2.95
3 scoops £3.95

Please also see our blackboard specials, or make any special dietary requests you may have to the restaurant team, our chefs will happily adjust dishes to suit allergy requirements where possible.

8.15 – 5.00 Monday to Saturday (Sunday 9.00 – 4.00)

Later in the day
Anything from the delicatessen (VAT added)

Cakes / Cream tea / Tea cakes/Crumpets

Afternoon tea £14.95 per person (Booking advisable)
Selection of sandwiches, Cheese or Fruit Scone, Clotted cream and Preserve Selection of cakes
Tea or coffee

Half tea £7.95 per person
Cheese or Fruit scone, Selection of cakes, Tea or coffee

Variety of cakes and pastries from our patisserie bar all priced individually

Americano £2.25
Cappuccino / Latté / Mocha /Flat White £2.60
Hot chocolate £2.50 with flake and marshmallows £3.50
Single / Double Espresso £1.75 / £2.25
Single shot, decaffeinated, soya, almond and oatmeal milk, all available on request.            Add a syrup for 50p

Pot for one £2.20, for two £4.40

Please note the individual brewing times to experience the best from your tea.
English Breakfast carefully balanced morning tea infuse for 3–5 minutes
Special Blend strong and full flavoured infuse for 1–3 minutes
Bouquet Royale 100% berry fruit tea infuse for 8–10 minutes
Green Gun Powder smooth with a slight herbal flavour infuse for 1–3 minutes
Egyptian Mint pure spearmint infuse for 5–10 minutes
Earl Grey Blue Lady a lighter more fragrant cup of Earl Grey infuse for 3–5 minutes
Rooibos decaffeinated from South African red bush infuse for 8–10 minutes

Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Drinks £2.30
(cranberry, ginger, elderflower, cola or lemonade)
Folkingtons (pear/ pink lemonade/mango) £2.50
Organic Juices Pomegranate £3.50 / Apple £2.50 Orange £3.50
Organic Squashes orange / blackcurrant / lime £1.20
Still / Sparkling Water
250 ml £1.95 / 750 ml £3.50

Stubblestag, Norfolk Brewhouse (Local Premium Lager) 500 ml 5%
Dewhopper, Norfolk Brewhouse (Local Lager) 500 ml 4%
German Organic Lager 500 ml 5%
St Peter’s Organic Ale 500 ml 4.5%
St Peter’s Organic Best Bitter 500 ml 4.1%

CIDER £3.95
Aspall Blush 500 ml 4%
Aspall Draught 5.5%
Whin Hill Sparkling Classic Cider 500 ml 6.5%
Whin Hill Sparkling Perry Cider 500 ml 6%

WINE by Berry Brothers and Rudd

House White Light dry refreshing 12%
125 ml £3.45 / 175 ml £4.45
250 ml £5.45 / bottle £14.95

Pinot Grigio Light fruity refreshing 12.5%
125 ml £3.95 / 175 ml £4.95
250 ml £5.95 / bottle £17.95

White Burgundy Chardonnay sourced, ripe fruit with oak overlay 13%
125 ml £4.95 / 175 ml £5.95
250 ml £6.95 / bottle £19.95

House Rosé Summer fruit flavour 12.5%
125 ml £3.45 / 175 ml £4.45
250 ml £5.45 / bottle £14.95

Château Fontarèche Light reflection of lychee 12%
125 ml £3.95 / 175 ml £4.95
250 ml £5.95 / bottle £17.95

House Red Delivers bright red fruits with soft tannins 13.5%
125 ml £3.45 / 175 ml £4.45
250 ml £5.45 / bottle £14.95

Merlot Chilean, full bodied, rich plummy fruits 12.5%
125 ml £3.95 / 175 ml £4.95
250 ml £5.95 / bottle £17.95

Rioja Smooth and velvety, hint of vanilla 14%
125 ml £4.95 / 175 ml £5.95
250 ml £6.95 / bottle £19.95

glass £3.95 / bottle £14.95

Grand Cru bottle £29.95
Hambledon Bottle £29.95

We’re glad to have been able to put the threshing barn back at the heart of our business, as the place where we can showcase what we’ve grown and reared organically on our farm, and where you can taste our produce at its freshest.

Our farm is just ten minutes away and includes a national nature reserve, and grazing that
runs beside the river Stiffkey.

2 courses £17.95, 3 courses £20.95, or 1 course individually priced


Roast Curried Parsnip Soup £6.95

Choice of bread

Deli Cold Meat Platter £7.95

Pickles, and charred Cley sour dough

Salmon Paté £7.95

Sour dough crostini, rocket Dijon pesto 

Courgette and Halloumi Fritter (V) £6.95

Bulgar wheat, tomato and coriander salad, crème fraiche

Main Courses

Roast Local Beef £13.95

Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and garden vegetables

Roast Rare Breed Pork £13.95

Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and garden vegetables

 BTTG Fish Pie £13.95

Creamy mash potato, garden vegetables

BTTG Charred Green Salad (v) £11.95

Tender stem broccoli, fine beans, mange tout, red onion, red chilli, toasted seeds and poached egg

Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese Bake (V) £11.95

Roast potatoes and garden vegetables


Apple crumble Pie £5.50

Cinnamon crumble, vanilla ice cream

Ginger Eaton Mess £5.50

Spiced granola, vanilla carrot ribbons

Belgium Chocolate Brownie £5.50

Chilli chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries, orange crème fraiche